The Attack and Defense of Computers

Instructor: Dr. Fu-Hau Hsu (許富皓)
TA: 林鈺凱 (kai55855 at gmail dot com)

Total Grades

  1. Chinese New Year. The school is NOT in session. (21st Feb.)
  2. Peace Memorial Day. The school is NOT in session. (28th Feb.)
  3. Syllabus(7th March)
  4. Malware: Logic Bombs, Key Logger, URL Injection, Browser Hijackers, Trojan Horses, and Spyware.(14th March)
  5. Internet Worms, Buffer Overflow Attacks, and Heap Overflow Attacks (21st March)
  6. Return-into-libc attacks, BOA Countermeasures, Drive-by Download, Rogue Anti-Virus and Botnet (28th March)
  7. Children's Day. The school is NOT in session. (4th April)
  8. Disk Layout, BIOS, and Viruses (11th April)
  9. Midterm
  10. Macro Viruses and Boot Record Viruses (25 April)
  11. Backdoors, sniffer, and Rootkits for Linux/Unix (2nd May)
  12. Rootkits for Linux/Unix (9th May)
  13. Magic Cookies and Web Bugs (16th May)
  14. HTTP cookies (23rd May)
  15. Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) and SQL Injection (30th May)
  16. SQL Injection and Account Stealing (6th June)
  17. TCP Session Hijacking, ARP Spoofing and Format String Attacks, and DoS/DDoS Attacks (13th June)
  18. Final Exam.
  19. supplementary material, not covered in the final exam.

Semester Project


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