The Attack and Defense of Computers

Instructor: Dr. Fu-Hau Hsu (許富皓)


*** 即時線上發問系統 ***


  1. Syllabus(13th Sep.)
  2. Malware: Logic Bombs, Key Logger, URL Injection, Browser Hijackers, Trojan Horses, and Spyware. (20th Sep.)
  3. Internet Worms, Buffer Overflow Attacks, and Heap Overflow Attacks and Return-into-libc attacks, BOA Countermeasures, Drive-by Download, Rogue Anti-Virus, and Botnet (27th Sep.)
  4. Moon Festival, the school is not in session.(4th Oct.)
  5. Disk Layout, BIOS, and Viruses (11th Oct.)
  6. Macro Viruses and Boot Record Viruses (18th Oct.)
  7. Backdoors, sniffer, and Rootkits for Linux/Unix (25th Oct.)
  8. Rootkits for Linux/Unix (1st Nov.)
  9. Midterm
  10. Magic Cookies and Web Bugs (15th Nov.)
  11. University Games, the school is not in session. (22nd Nov.)
  12. HTTP cookies (29th Nov.)
  13. Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) and SQL Injection (6th Dec.)
  14. SQL Injection and Account Stealing(13th Dec.)
  15. Account Stealing, TCP Session Hijacking (20th Dec.)
  16. ARP Spoofing and Format String Attacks, and DoS/DDoS Attacks (27th Dec.)
  17. ARP Spoofing and Format String Attacks, and DoS/DDoS Attacks (3th Jan. 2018)
  18. Final Exam.
  19. supplementary material, not covered in the final exam.

Bonus Competition

Semester Project


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