Research Interests


  1. Computer Assisted Language Learning
  2. Digital Game-Based Learning
  3. Human Factors
  4. Mobile Learning
  5. Web-Based Learning Environment
  6. Digital Learning in Science
  7. Natural Language Processing
  8. Multimedia Technologies

Our research highlights the progress of digital game-based learning for second language acquisition. It includes a series of design, system development, and evaluation in a real educational context. The objective of the design is to integrate with the authentic classroom environment to not only enrich the language learning interaction but also fulfill a joyful atmosphere to learners.

The current development of digital game-based learning environments for language learning contains several divisions: a massively multiplayer online role-play game (MMORPG), and a pet-nurturing game. The research has been addressed issues on learning effectiveness, individual differences, gameplay, behavior analysis, and learning design. The findings have proved the digital game-based learning environments led positive impacts on learning motivation and learning effectiveness. In addition, with regard to individual differences, it has profoundly discussed gaming and learning behavior in the digital game-based learning environments. Ultimately, the research achievement is expected to be extended and to benefit further digital game-based learning design for second language acquisition.