Publication List by Wei-Jen Wang

[Journal Articles]

  1. Wei-Jen Wang, Cheng-Ta Huang, Shiuh-Jeng WANG*, "VQ-encoded images in reversible data hiding of high bit-compression-ratio," The Imaging Science Journal, DOI:

  2. Cheng-Hsien Tang, Meng-Feng Tsai, Shan-Hao Chuang, Jen-Jung Cheng, Wei-Jen Wang*, "Shortest-Linkage-Based Parallel Hierarchical Clustering on Main-Belt Moving Objects of the Solar System," Future Generation Computer Systems-The International Journal of Grid Computing and eScience, Volume 34, pp. 26-46, May 2014. (SCI) (NSC 101-2218-E-008-003-).

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  4. Wei-Jen Wang, Cheng-Ta Huang, Cheng-Hsing Yang, Shiuh-Jeng WANG*, "VQ-based Algorithms Extended to Non-embedded Watermarking for Multimedia Ownership Prevention Systems," Peer-to-Peer Networking and Applications, DOI: 10.1007/s12083-012-0191-1. (SCI) (NSC 101-2218-E-008-003- )

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  12. Wei-JenWang, Yue-Shan Chang*, Win-Tsung Lo, and Yi-Kang Lee, "Adaptive Scheduling for Parallel Tasks with QoS Satisfaction for Hybrid Cloud Environments," Journal of Supercomputing, Volume 66, Issue 2, pp. 783-811, November 2013. (SCI)

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[Conference Articles]

  1.  W.J. Wang, Y.H. Zhang, C.T. Huang, and S.J. WANG, “Steganography of Data Embedding in Multimedia Images Using Interpolation and Histogram Shifting,” IEEE-PROCEEDINGS, The 9th International Conference on Intelligent Information Hiding and Multimedia Signal Processing (IIH-MSP-2013), Oct., Beijing, China, 2013.

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  5.  Wei-Jen Wang*, I-Fan Hsieh, and Chun-Chuan Chen, "Accelerating Computation of DCM for ERP by GPU-Based Parallelism," in Proceedings of the 9th IEEE International Conference on Ubiquitous Intelligence and Computing, in Fukuoka, Japan, pp 679-684, September 04-07, 2012. (EI)

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[Domestic Conference Articles]

  1. 陳劭睿陸俊廷王尉任。雲端服務下自動化部署之管理架構。亞洲大學: 2013 National Computer Symposium (NCS 2013)20131213-14日。

  2. Yue-Shan Chang, Wei-Jen Wang*, Yu-Sheng Wu, Jun-Ting Lu, Lee Shu-Teng Chen, and Chilung Wang, "Software Deployment and Management on a Large-Scale Cloud Data Center", in the Proceedings of the 2013 Symposium on Cloud and Services Computing, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan, Mar 14-15, 2013.

  3. Wei-Jen WangYu-Hong Zhang Cheng-Ta HuangShiuh-Jeng Wang* (2013)QR Code Applications and Authentications Based on Secret Sharing in Security Protections。南台科技大學: 第二十三屆全國資訊安全會議。2013523-24日。

  4. 金冠媛、黃正達、王尉任* (2013)。高影像品質之可逆式資訊隱藏技術。南台科技大學: 第二十三屆全國資訊安全會議。2013523-24日。

  5. Wei-Jen WangChun-Chuan Chen*I-Fan HsiehYean-Ren HwangChao-Tung LeeKuo-Kuang JenJung-Fu WuKuo-Ming Chi (2013) GPU-Based Parallelism for Accelerating DCM for ERP Computation。台灣大學:2012 4B 工程研討會。201317日。

  6. 崔孝戎、黃正達、王尉任* (2011) 。植基於GAP高預測性的向量量化編碼資訊隱藏法。國立宜蘭大學: TANET 2011臺灣學術網路研討會。20111024-26日。

  7. 黃正達、劉忠王尉任* (2010)。植基於可回復邊緣吻合向量量化編碼之雙重映射資訊隱藏。交通大學:第二十屆資訊安全會議。2010527-28日。

  8. 王尉任劉旨峰、邱繼宏、賴雅惠、袁賢銘 (1998)WWW網路合作學習環境之教材出版管理系統。東華大學: TANET98 會議。

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