Parallel and Distributed Computing Laboratory

Dept. of Computer Science & Information Engineering
National Central University, Taiwan
Location: Building E6, Room A309


Wei-Jen Wang (Associate Prof., Director)
Shao-Jui Chen (Ph.D Student, Fulltime)

Blacky Chen (Ph.D Student, On-Job)



The members of the Parallel and Distributed Computing Laboratory (PaDiC Lab) focus on the research issues of parallel and distributed computing, in particular distributed programming and cloud/grid computing. We are also studying and working on the related issues of Internet applications, such as information hiding, system security, e-science, and e-learning. Our research interests include but are not limited to the following topics:

Projects and Research Directions:

Cloud Computing Environment:

Fault Tolerance for Virtualization Technology:

Performance Analysis of Industrial Internet of Things Systems:

Large-Scale Scientific Computing Application, System, and Architecture:


Publication List:

The information can be obtained at Wei-Jen Wang's Publication List.

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