Research Interests:


Agile Method,

Object-oriented Method,

Agent-oriented Software Engineering.


Research Achievements:


Professor Jason Jen-Yen Chen earns international recognition by winning Top Scholar in the world in the field of Systems and Software Engineering in 1995, Third Scholar in 1996, and Fifth Scholar in 1997, respectively. The ranking is based on cumulative publication in six leading journals of that field in the world [Ref: the October issues of the Journal of Systems and Software, USA, 1995, 1996, 1997].


Dr. Chen specializes in a new field called Process Environment (or Process-centered Software Engineering Environment, PSEE) in which he has been devoting for more than fifteen years. Some regard him as one of the pioneers in that field. Incidentally, his 14-page paper “CSPL: An Ada95-like, Unix-based Process Environment” appearing in the IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering in March 1997 perhaps is the first Taiwan-made product in that distinguished journal in recent ten years or so.