Pervasive Computing (普適計算) 2012

Lecturer: 江振瑞
Teaching Assistant:黃捷群、黃郁誠、索維廷

Time: Thursday 13:00~15:50
Place: E6-A210
Blackboard Sysytem:

Course Description:

A new era of computing is on the horizon. In this new era, hundreds of billions of tiny devices are deeply embedded within our physical environment. The devices are integrated into everything, from badges to chairs, from cell phones to refrigerators, or from roads to buildings, and all have the ability to compute, sense, and communicate. This brings a new computing paradigm – pervasive computing, in which computation occurs almost anywhere and anytime for anybody using any devices to do anyting. This course is intended to provide an in-depth examination of advanced topics in pervasive computing.


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