Information Retrieval and Extraction
Course Schedul 2003
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S C H E D U L E     T A B L E     (T E N T A T I V E)
Week 1 Course Introduction
Week 2 Chapter 1: Introduction to Conventional Text-Retrieval Systems
Week 3 Chapter 7: Text Operations and Term Selection
Week 4 Chapter 8: Automatic Indexing: File Structures
Week 5 Double Tenth Day
Week 6 Program 1 Demonstration ;
Week 7 Chapter 2: Modeling
Week 8 Chapter 3: Retrieval Evaluation
Chapter 5: Query Operation
Week 9 Introduction to Information Extraction
Information extraction for Free Text
Week 10 IE for Semi-structured Document: Supervised Approach
Week 11 IE for Semi-structured Document: Unsupervised Approach
Week 12 Page Level Extraction: Equivalence Class
Program 2 Demonstration
Week 13 Topic 1: Web Information Extraction
Topic 2: Web IR
Week 14 Topic 3: Document Clustering
Topic 4: Information Visualization
Week 15 Exam
Topic 5: Link Analysis
Week 16 Web IR: Link Analysis
Week 17 Topic 6:
Topic 7:

Program 1: Indexing

Program 2: Ranking

Paper Reading Assignment

Inportant Notes:
Please choose one or several of the papers for your presentation.
Please email the powerpoint file (see guides for preparation) to me by Dec. 1.