Assignment 1

(Due time and date: 2:00pm on Mar. 19; 100 marks)

Submission Requirements

1. Warmup Question (20 marks)

Get Familiar with Multi-Dimensional Model.

2. Further Question (60 marks)

Create a Data Cube by Your Own (40 marks)

Browse the Data Cube Inventory (20 marks)

3. Written Question (20 marks)

  1. A popular data warehouse implementation is to construct a multi-dimensional database which is also called a data cube. Unfortunately, this may often generate a huge, but very sparse multi-dimensional matrix.
  2. Present an example to show why.

    Design an implementation method which can overcome this sparse matrix problem elegantly. Note that you need to explain your data structures in detail and discuss the space needed, how to retrieve data from your structure, and how to handle incremental data updates.

  3. In data warehouse technology, a multiple dimensional view can be implemented either by a multi-dimensional database technique (MOLAP) or by a relational database technique (ROLAP).
  4. Briefly describe each implementation technique.

    Explain how the following function is implemented by each technique.

    1. Generate a data warehouse (including aggregation).
    2. Roll-up.


      Incremental updating.

    Which implementation technique (MOLAP or ROLAP) do you prefer, and why?