52018 Compiler: Homework

Homework 1: Write the pseudo code for micro compiler and present it in HTML.

  1. Modify the parsing procedures for macro to include calls to semantic routines as in Fig. 2.11. You can reference to the grammar for micro with action symbols in Fig 2.9. Take the advantage of hyperlinks in HTML to link parsing procedures and semantic routines.
  2. You can also write CGI program and provide FORM to get users' input. The CGI program is attached to the match() function, so whenever it is called, the CGI program consume the next token.
  3. Use an example program and trace the steps taken by the parser as in pp.46.
Due on Mar. 23, 2000 by email

Submission: By email, send to chia@csie.ncu.edu.tw
Note: Please hand in your homework on time. Late hand-in will be deducted a certain amount of points


Best Homework: links all parsing procedures ©q, ɪ

Homework 2: Due on Mar. 29, 2000 in class  (Absolutely no copying others' works)

Answer to homework 2

Homework 3:

Chapter 4: Exercise 2, 4
Chapter 5: Exercise 1, 2

Due on Apr. 27, 2000 in class (Absolutely no copying others' works)

Homework 4:

Chapter 6: Exercise 4.a, 4.b, 7.a, 7.b

Due on May. 24, 2000 in class (Absolutely no copying others' works)