Linux Operating System


  1. Syllabus (13th Sep.)
  2. Introduction (20th Sep.)
  3. Introduction and Memory Addressing: Segmentation Unit and Memory Addressing: Paging Unit (27th Sep.)
  4. Moon Festival, the school is not in session. (4th Oct.)
  5. Memory Addressing: Cache, Paging in Linux, BIOS, and Physical Memory Layout. (11th Oct.)
  6. Memory Addressing: Kernel Master Page Global Directory (18th Oct.)
  7. Process: Process Descriptor and Linked List (25th Oct.)
  8. Scheduler, and run queue. (1st Nov.)
  9. Name Space (8th Nov.)
  10. Name Space (15th Nov.)
  11. University Games, the school is not in session. (22nd Nov.)
  12. Wait Queue (29th Nov.)
  13. Wait Queue (6th Dec.)
  14. Process Switch (13th Dec.)
  15. System Call (20th Dec.)
  16. System Call (27th Dec.)
  17. System Call (3rd Jan. 2018)
  18. Final Exam.



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