Linux Operating System

*** 即時線上發問系統 ***


  • Total Grades (updated: 18th Jan.)
    1. Syllabus (14th Sep.)
    2. Introduction and Memory Addressing: Segmentation Unit (21st Sep.)
    3. Memory Addressing: Paging Unit (28th Sep.)
    4. Memory Addressing: Cache, Paging in Linux, BIOS, and Physical Memory Layout. (5th Oct.)
    5. Memory Addressing: Kernel Master Page Global Directory (12th Oct.)
    6. Process: Process Descriptor and Linked List (19th Oct.)
    7. Scheduler, and Run Queue (26th Oct.)
    8. Name Space (2nd Nov.)
    9. Name Space (9th Nov.)
    10. Name Space (16th Nov.)
    11. University Games, the school is not in session. (23nd Nov.)
    12. Wait Queue (30th Nov.)
    13. Wait Queue (7th Dec.)
    14. Process Switch (14th Dec.)
    15. System Call (21st Dec.)
    16. System Call (28th Dec.)
    17. System Call (4th Jan. 2018)
    18. Final Exam.
      • Date: 11th Jan., 2018
      • Location: The same place as the class's.
      • Coverage: All the materials taught in the class and project-related knowledge.
      • The exam. questions will be given in the essay-question form.
      • There are 16 short essay-questions in the final.
      • The total score of the final is 120 points.
      • Open book exam.; hence, you can bring any books, notes, lecture slides, ... and so on with you.



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